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selva oscura ([personal profile] anonymousblack) wrote2016-12-06 11:32 pm

so there's that.

dancing girl press will be publishing my second chapbook, comprised of work from last summer's android trance poem experiment, in summer 2017. more details as they become available.

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Cool! Congratulations. Looks like a fine place to be published.

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DGP is excellent. kristy did my first chapbook too, and she was extremely enthusiastic about the art i suggested for the cover.

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That's fantastic!!

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*whew*, because i was circling the rim of publication despair (yet again).

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Congratulations!  Please post the info as to how to get it because, as you know, I'm  am a long time fan of your writing.

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yup, that's my plan. did you ever get a copy of read it back?

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That is awesome! Congratulations!

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thank you!
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hello you! I am so surprised and joy that you're still on here (apparently you were only on my mental list? I've added you now). there's been a buzzing on fb of lj feelings. returning returning.....

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oh, yay! i'm so glad to see you again!

haha, yeah, so i think i might have had something to do with that. ben finally met charlie, 15 years after they started the [ profile] postmarks exchange. it was a whole big thing (except not: she stopped by after her meetings were finished for the day and we did a quick and reasonably priced so-this-is-baltimore, christmas edition.) she's wonderful and i'm really glad i got to meet her. i'm not sure if the fb comm was the direct result of our tags and pictures, but whew! entertaining few days of lying low and steering extended family members away from the concept of my non-fb internet presence.