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most of the humor is derived from the chasm that exists between the general public's understanding of how the situation has always worked versus the bewildering reality of how the situation is now

you have people expecting a certain standard
people expecting to have their every half-hearted desire, every fleeting whim treated as if it is a life or death necessity

and instead

no one has answers
no one meets you in the eye

the cupboard is bare

doors are locked
bottles are empty
and leave no drop for me
there's no kick to this cigarette
get me out of this joint

it's just as it was before
before demand
before supply
before abundance, surplus, clearance, waste
the back dock jammed with what no one had a use for
with what they won't realize they needed until it is long gone
or they won't
sometimes they don't
the rain pours out the sight

empty swallows
hard empty swallows

another way to pass the time

another way to piss the time

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soaking myself in sage, sobbing out the commute. it's all white candles and black tourmaline from here on out.

i ache for a project, a creative investment, some means of artistic expression as a path through this two-mile deep rut i've stumbled into.

i ache for it. i have notions. tips of icebergs, assemblage concepts. all i need to do is find an accord in placement and then fix the matter into place. all i need to do is find an accord. somehow, it never comes together. i get overwhelmed, i get distracted. i can't find the time or the place. i don't write, i don't even read. iceberg tips. this frozen land. this place of ice. maybe i'm more frozen in this rut than fallen in?

thel leans out her window to get a better sight of the clamor on the street. the thick folds of her skirt rattle the bottles on the sill before she remembers them and presses her skirt clear with her palm. it isn't him, of course. it's never him. regardless, she keeps waiting.

i ache for a project
a creative investment
some way out of this

regardless, she waits still


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