Mar. 17th, 2013 08:03 pm
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"compass," (assemblage sculpture) march 2013.

materials used: vintage glass-topped box, scrap metal (reclaimed from abandoned/built-over chicago industrial sites by a local urban explorer), red velvet, hemp, map of vietnam

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"allegory," (incomplete, assemblage sculpture) february 2013.

i did most of the work on this piece while in quarantine for a week after my radioactive iodine dose, a component of my treatment for thyroid cancer. work still needs to be completed on the outside casing.

each of the specimen tins contain something i've consumed or collected, such as incense ash or paper ephemera, and ultimately comprises a sort of material autobiography. some of the contents have been paired logically, others intuitively. each echoes an aspect of my personal experience but also other structures and one another.

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Sep. 16th, 2009 01:36 am
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so as it turns out, i've been gravitating toward sculpture, something i never thought would happen: i've always been a creature of the paper arts.

this piece evolved from my cathartic box mangling incident on friday. the link below the picture will take you to more shots--and also pictures of the curio box i recently sanded/stained and arranged for our coffee table (that's not so much art as a warm-up exercise, but since most of my projects seem to be shrines, i see fit to include it in that flickr set.) the link on the picture will take you to my flickr account, if you haven't seen it.

there seems to be an initiatory & healing element to this process, which is significantly more of a surprise for me than it probably is for you.


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